Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday Promo!

It's almost Christmas time and we offer you something to get you Holi-rea-day! 
Pals Salon offer a really great deal for a very excellent quality.

The poster below is the list of Hair Rebonding that we offer in packages.(Color Blue is Package1, Orange is Package2, Pink is Package3, Green is Package4, Yellow is Package5) 

for more inquiries and reservation
Call now:628-18-58
Happy Holidays to everyone!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Whats Up Hair??

How would you directly define hair? Something that makes us pretty, and not look bald? Hair is something that makes us confident and totally boost our self-esteem. Yah heard me right. It's all in the hair.

I'm Louielyn of PalsSalon. And I've been managing this Salon for almost a year or two. And i'm proud to say that in that short of time I've learned a lot but i still got a long way to go. Hoorayyy for me! So got hair problem y'all can ask me! I got it all down on me :)

if you have any hair problem consult me (:
let's talk :))


Pals Salon

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to Pals Salon's newest site!

What is this site for?
We decided to built this site for all our beloved costumers who wants to stay updated on all our salon promos and services.This site is Pals Salon's new blog site where you can keep track of our salon's latest activities and be on the top to know the latest trends in beauty, and style.

What is Pals Salon?
If you're wondering just what Pals Salon is, well it is a salon in Pasig dedicated to give you ladies as well as gentlemen beauty and relaxation by offering affordable salon service with excellent quality. We know that physical appearance is very important to each and everyone of you so we give our best to give you satisfaction for our work and make your every visit a fantastic salon experience that you would be coming back for more!

So ladies and gents, be on the look for latest beauty trends, promotions, freebies, and new quality services only from the Best Beauty, Hair Styling, and Rebonding salon in Pasig.

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