Thursday, March 15, 2012

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NEW HAIRCUT, forget the boho!

Summer is no way far anymore and having a long hair, straight cut glossy or having a boho chic like hairstyle is out of style already. Let's say hi to Bob, the newest trend of hair flick all over town, unless your late updated. ;)

Let's see the top boho-chic who had her hair from long boho-chic waves, to short bobs. ;)

                                       Miley Cyrus's NEW HAIRCUT which says forget the boho.
Once upon a time Miley Cyrus had struck the perfect boho balance with long luscious locks and edgy threads. But alas, that time is over and the erstwhile Hannah Montana has landed with a thud–again–in Uglytown. The singer/actress showed off her haircut in atrocious diaper-like bob shorts which she paired tragically with L’eggs pantyhose.

I am thisclose to declaring Miley the Hot Mess of the year, but do you think we should give MC a few more chances to redeem her fashion faux pas?

Was Miley trying to upstage her new 
A-list beau, Liam Hemsworth? Or, even more terrifying, could this have been M’s attempt at subtlety? But at least, we know she's on the go! :)

Friday, March 9, 2012


My name is Louielyn. I'm  20 years of age. Just like the other girls, I'm just an ordinary girl with an extra ordinary flavor. 

Yes indeed life is a roller coaster. But it's your choice to scream out loud or just enjoy the ride. :) 

2009 was a turbulent time in my life.  My parents enrolled me in home-schooling program without consultation and they practically coerced me to work in our family business. Little did they know this is child labor and I was one very upset teenager. My father reasoned, “you will learn a lot more this way than in school.”  To my mind, it was plain and simple manipulation. I could not see logic behind that statement.  “What about the interaction you learn in a school setting, the love and friendship you find around campus….. I maybe young, but I’m not a fool.” I retorted.

 Intimidated by my dictator-father’s rule, I disgustedly obeyed his orders. There’s nothing I could do. I was rebellious, but suppressed by fear.   Like the kung fu kid who abhorred his drop-pick-up –put-on-put-off jacket routine, I despised my rote existence. I could run away, but I could not relinquish the security and comfort of my home.  I know my time was being wasted.  My life flashed before my eyes; it was a hopeless scenario. I told myself to kiss achieving greatness goodbye, let alone from this home.

On top of the home-school program, my father gave me a lot of duties in the family owned parlor and around the house. This was where it gotten really bad. I could not contain my hatred. I objected and negated every word he had said to spite him. Our daily arguments would end up with me sobbing in my solitude.  I was afraid to get out of my comfort zone.

At times where I could not take any more, my mother would comfort me.  Alone in my room, one day, while I was devising a plan to escape my hapless situation, I thought, I heard my mom said, “follow your father's lead.” I turned around but she was not there. I felt the fire burning inside me was abruptly extinguished.

 “To be a good leader, you must be a good follower." This adage was the essence of my mother’s message. Little did I know, my father was molding me to be a good follower. This changed my outlook. My parents were right all along.  It seemed I learned a lot more.  I felt more confident. And as I became more receptive to their teachings, my frustrations and ill-feelings dissipated. Now, I’d jump out of bed each morning eager to face new challenges. I’m grateful for my parents’ patience and perseverance. They surreptitiously ingrained in me the value of hard work and discipline.

 Looking back 3 years down that road, it was the safety and comfort of my home that carried me through the tumult, caused by my naiveté. I can’t imagine what would have happened should I have left my wonderful home. 


I am currently working as the managing director of  Pals Salon, a family business. It’s our main source of income and entrusting it to me with full authority is my greatest honor and achievement. This is how my greatness started@home.

(one successful wedding service at pangasinan (; )

My parents started a greatness at home that is something to be proud of.