Friday, June 10, 2011


I get obsessed lately with this topic that it clogs my ability all about hair and that at one moment I just wanna burst it all out. We at PALS SALON are experts in hair rebonding so we are also be experts in hair. Hair care tips, do's and don't, hair general, hair products, etc. We give a lot advice to our clients on how they can treat their hair as if it is like a patient in an OR raging 50:50. There are some ladies or people who do not understand what hair rebond really is. Rebonding your hair is like reviving your patient (which is your hair) from dying due to excessive heat, over expose to chemicals that makes you break the H-Bonds (nano-scopic bonds that form the shapes of proteins in your body) in your hair. That is why it is called REBOND. Re-Bond(ing) your hair means fixing and putting back together the bonds that has been broken. So there is no need to worry getting your hair rebonded. :)

Louielyn Conde
Salon Manager

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hair Obsessed

Girls around the globe are wanting Kristen Stewart's natural sun blown and tossed hair-do. So here are some ways that you too can have Kristen Stewart's hair!

If you have naturally wavy hair:
(1) towel dry your hair gently

(2) lightly run a product through your hair that encourages curl

(3) then dry with a hair dryer on low (if you have a diffuser use it)

(4) Scrunching your hair with your fingers will help keep Kristen’s wave

(5) At the end, if you find your ends are looking a little fly away or fuzzy, add some product.

If you have naturally straight hair:
(1) towel dry your hair

(2) lightly run a product through your hair that encourages curl

(3) then dry with a hair dryer on low (If you have a diffuser use it)

(4) Scrunching your hair with your fingers will help keep Kristen’s wave

(5) At the end, if you find your ends are looking a little fly away or fuzzy, add some product.

(6) use a large barelled curling iron to get a few extra curls in-you won’t need to curl your whole head (remember Kristen’s hair is all about looking naturally windswept) just the top few layers

Haircut: To get Kristen's haircut, the key is to take a good photo with you (such as the ones we have provided you) and ask for long layers. This is really important. The layers should not be choppy or blunt or you will lose the whimsical movement that make Kristen’s hair so fantastic.
Hair Color: As for color an auburn shade, or a light brown with high lights scattered throughout, to give the hair interest is as close to Kristen's hair color as you are going to get.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


 L'Oreal X-tenso Rebonding 

becomes Php.1,999.00 

beginning May 1st. 


so many of the year's trends are about a revival of fashion from the 70s, and it's no different for 2011 hairstyle. Of course, the pixie crop isn't a new hairstyle for the year: has been writing about its popularity and evolution since 2007. And in 2011 the pixie crop will do just that, evolve. Or at least, revert. Spurred on by celebrities and trend influencers, such as Emma Waston, the pixie crop returns in 2011 to be a short crop - putting it in contrast to the longer interpretation of the hairstyle that was popular in 2010.

Short Messy Haircut: Experimenting on a New, Trendy Hairstyle

Are you tired of the usual tight updo you have? Do you want to experiment on something you have never tried before? If that is the case, you can try a short messy haircut. This new, trendy hairstyle will surely bring a difference in your life. Who knows, the look can even make you become more confident?
Enhancing the short messy haircut .the haircut itself is not actually that messy. The style is to have your hair cut short then you have to style it to make it look messier than usual.
Cute Short Messy Hairstyle for girls

Short messy haircut – can men have the look as well?
Definitely. In fact, men have many options when it comes to this hairstyle. One is the Mohawk style, one that gives a man the stylish messy look. Using some hairspray on cropped hair to make the strands stand will be a great way to start with.
layered messy hair style for men

There is also the layered haircut, a short messy hairstyle that has been seen in High School Musical star Zac Efron. Long side sweeping bangs are the secrets to creating the messy look. You can emulate this look by scrunching your hair with the help of curling mousse. You can also style your hair in such a manner that it goes towards your cheeks.
As you have seen, it is all right to experiment with the short messy haircut. Both men and women have options when it comes to trying this look. You need to have that kind of self-esteem to carry on with the style elegantly, no matter how messy it looks.


short red crop haircuts

Crop Cuts 

This is one of the most best trendy hairstyle for women. if you want this kinda hair there's only one place you can visit and have this done. PALS SALON! :)


most ladies worry about their hair. main problem? hair fall.

The type of oil to use is the most important thing when taking care of the hair in the fall. For example, the use of coconut oil provides a cooling effect on the head. Beautiful hair is maintained to ensure that essential air circulation and does not trap heat. Applying a hot towel turban after combing out the hair ends will help ensure that the oil penetrates the scalp and affect individual hair shafts. The oil should be left for about an hour or so, or if applied at night, you can leave overnight. After this, the oil must be washed several times until all the oil has been removed. After that, the locks of hair must be healthy and vibrant with a shiny look. It is important to eat healthy foods and ensure that your body is getting the vitamins and minerals that it needs. Never bind your head or hair at night. Skip the braids, rollers, wraps, or anything else on your head and scalp. This is your hair follicle's prime healing time, give it every opportunity to heal freely.Avoid using blow dryer as its heat can damage your hair, and also make it look coarse and lifeless.

-louielyn! :)