Friday, June 10, 2011


I get obsessed lately with this topic that it clogs my ability all about hair and that at one moment I just wanna burst it all out. We at PALS SALON are experts in hair rebonding so we are also be experts in hair. Hair care tips, do's and don't, hair general, hair products, etc. We give a lot advice to our clients on how they can treat their hair as if it is like a patient in an OR raging 50:50. There are some ladies or people who do not understand what hair rebond really is. Rebonding your hair is like reviving your patient (which is your hair) from dying due to excessive heat, over expose to chemicals that makes you break the H-Bonds (nano-scopic bonds that form the shapes of proteins in your body) in your hair. That is why it is called REBOND. Re-Bond(ing) your hair means fixing and putting back together the bonds that has been broken. So there is no need to worry getting your hair rebonded. :)

Louielyn Conde
Salon Manager


  1. do you know any tips or tricks or making your hair grow faster? I cut all my hair off about a year ago, and it refuses to grow anymore D: and, what is the best permanent dye to use? right now I use ion and it sucks. my color only stays in for two to three weeks at a time. thank you so much(:

  2. Hey sweets :) Just keep in mind that everyone’s hair grows at different rates, and the key is to make your hair as healthy as possible, because damaged hair won’t grow.

    *Get regular trims - I know this doesn’t make sense, but even if you just snip off a centimeter of your hair yourself when you start to see split ends, you’re going to see a world of difference. Split ends are a sign of real damage, so eliminating them is going to give your hair new life and softness.
    *Deep condition as much as possible - hydrated hair equals healthy hair.
    *Avoid heat styling as much as possible - straightening, curling, even blow drying will singe and damage your strands. Going natural as much as possible is going to keep your hair happy.