Thursday, March 15, 2012

NEW HAIRCUT, forget the boho!

Summer is no way far anymore and having a long hair, straight cut glossy or having a boho chic like hairstyle is out of style already. Let's say hi to Bob, the newest trend of hair flick all over town, unless your late updated. ;)

Let's see the top boho-chic who had her hair from long boho-chic waves, to short bobs. ;)

                                       Miley Cyrus's NEW HAIRCUT which says forget the boho.
Once upon a time Miley Cyrus had struck the perfect boho balance with long luscious locks and edgy threads. But alas, that time is over and the erstwhile Hannah Montana has landed with a thud–again–in Uglytown. The singer/actress showed off her haircut in atrocious diaper-like bob shorts which she paired tragically with L’eggs pantyhose.

I am thisclose to declaring Miley the Hot Mess of the year, but do you think we should give MC a few more chances to redeem her fashion faux pas?

Was Miley trying to upstage her new 
A-list beau, Liam Hemsworth? Or, even more terrifying, could this have been M’s attempt at subtlety? But at least, we know she's on the go! :)

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