Saturday, March 15, 2014

NOW OPEN: Pals Salon Cubao, QC Branch

Pals Salon Cubao Branch is now open!

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  1. Hi! Goodpm .. blonde hair ko then nung October last yr.pinakulayan ko ny brown black para makapag work I want dying my hair .pwede na ba if nakalipas.kakapit n ba pangkulay and ano magandang treatment ? Waiting for you to answer.thanks

  2. Wow! I am really impressed by the way you detailed out everything. It is really going to help me a lot. Thanks for sharing your thoughts so clearly.

  3. I've done hair rebonding with permanent colored celophane in cubao branch a week ago and I really love it even I washed it after 3 days...thank u to Pals Salon Cubao branch..I never regret that I entrusted my hair in your Salon...thank u Ma'am Liza for caring my hair...I just want to share my experience on hair are rebonded a year ago and also has a light colored, I have a 3 inches below a bra line hair and the half of my hair length are totally damage and dry, and my new growth hair is about 6 inches long already and exposes my true hair textures which is wavy and dry and its like a I decided to undergo treatment again coz its so disgusting....before rebonding, she washed my hair and cut it down for about 1 inch long then blow dry, then she applied the rebonding cream on my hair layered by layered but only in my new grow hair...then after 20 mins. She sprayed it with water and put some cream in the rest of my hair and leave it for 15 mins then after she checked again and washed it...then she blowed it dried and iron it.. after she finished to iron my hair...I've noticed already that my hair looks beautiful and shine...then she put the neutralizing cream with hair color and leave it on my hair, I choose dark brown to covered my lighted colored...after a minutes, she washed my hair and put the celophane treatment..while we are waiting for the treatment to work on my hair, she asked me to try their monocco hair mask, this treatment is for very dry because my hair are damage and dry I tried it....after celophane she put it on my hair for about 10 mins and washed it..and she gave me the left over and instructed me that after 3 days and when I washed my hair I put this mask and leave it for about 30 mins.... then she blow dried my hair and Iron it again and dadadannn....very beautiful...walang sabit...really very nice and I love my hair again....
    And after 3 days I washed my hair and put the mask which is left over from the salon and I leave it on my hair for 30 mins and I rinse it with warm water..and I dried my hair in front of electric fan which is not harmful with my hair and I did'nt combed my hair until it is totally dry to avoid damage, hair fall and breakage.
    Now, after 1 week of my hair rebonding..still my hair looks like after I stepped out from the salon...
    For all the girls out there, it is very important to choose where you entrusted your hair because that is our glory and I recommend to you Pals Salon, Cubao branch and look for Ma'am Liza...
    And also we have to follow their after treatment rules and tips on how to care with our own hair....
    This are my tips for you girls on how to care your hair after treatment:
    1. Strictly and follow the 3 days no rinse of your hair, to let the treatment stay longer on your hair and give your hair a break from everyday washing, because to much washing our hair makes it dry and damage.
    2. Do not shampoo our hair after treatment...use conditioner only...shampoo washes the natural oil of our hair so avoid it.
    3. Do not comb when the hair is wet it damage and breaks your hair easily.
    4. Dry your hair with fan not hair blower. If possible, much better to dry our hair first before going outside, why? Its because our hair are much stronger when it is dry, so our hair not easily damage by pollutants and wind when we are outside.
    5. Protect our hair with hair serum.
    6. And most important, give time each day, atleast 5 mins hair massage before going to bed.. how? Let our head facing the ground and gather all our hair down..massage our nape for about 5 mins to 10 mins..then pull back our head and hair...and use our fingers to comb our hair..why it is done? For good blood circulation in our head and nape to let our hair grow faster and healthy.

    Hope this tips helps you also....browse and read more about hair care..our hair are part of our body...its up to you if they become more beautiful and healthy...

  4. I want to avail po yung Package 2
    Milk rebond w/ celophane treatment and haircut. Magkano po idadagdag kung gusto ko din po iavail yung powerdose treatment?
    Bustline po yung length ng hair ko how much po lahat?

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  6. how to get in cubao branch coming from farmers??

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  8. is it okey to have a digital perm after rebond process...